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Springtime studio
Springtime studio

About us

John Kock
Marcel Schreuder

Springtime Design is a creative force that develops exciting, sustainable and paradigm-shifting products, brands and experiences. We are based in Amsterdam and have our tentacles all over the globe.

Springtime provides design research, concept design, industrial design and branding. We offer integrated design and communication – a synergy of product design, brand development and digital media design, to be able to develop and provide the full user experience. We work together closely with specialists in all related fields. This way, we are able to provide our clients with exactly the innovation they need – from strategy to production. Brand, product and media are our ingredients for successful innovation.

Founders John Kock and Marcel Schreuder run the Amsterdam studio, located on the beautiful shores of the Amsterdam IJ.

Over the years, the work of Springtime has been awarded with many design awards, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

If you believe Springtime can help to drive your business, whether you’re in a start-up, SME or multinational: please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are open to any form of collaboration and love to think with you about your innovation needs. After all: design is our game, and we love to play!



Innovation and design is a complex and multidisciplinary process, that requires a great variety of skills. Springtime has specialized in managing this process throughout the various development stages.


By combining market insights from both desktop and real world research with a deep understanding of human needs and behaviors, Springtime identifies business opportunities that will resonate with your customers and drive your business.


Whether you create a new brand or add a new product or service to your brand, you’ll want it to be charged with unique, relevant and authentic values. Based on market insights, we shape your brand meaning to form the basis for products and services that will be recognized and stand out.


We believe a product is the primary brand expression. We translate Brand Strategy into verbal and visual expressions, from a corporate identity to digital, physical, and environ- mental experiences. A consistent message across all of your brand’s expressions is essential in brand communications.


We envision and design exciting and paradigm-shifting products that connect to customers on a functional as well as on emotional level. Our technical expertise bridges the gap between concept and manufacturing.


Springtime acts as an entrepreneurial business partner. Apart from fee-based projects, we are open to alternative rewarding systems in order to help our clients in their early development stages. For successful innovation, some guts is required, both from entrepreneur and consultancy.

Being a design consultancy, we are continuously submerged in creativity and innovation. We see emerging trends and technologies and monitor developments in every aspect of society.

Sometimes, promising ideas comes up that we don’t immediately find the proper client for. The idea is then first developed in-house, up to a point where we can test-market it. When results and market feedback are positive, the idea is then brought into a new venture, allowing for external investments and knowledge partners. This has resulted in Springtime Labs.

Springtime Labs focuses on the massively expanding area of connected and shared mobility. Springtime has a long history of designing and building solutions that fulfill market needs for global brands. In Labs, we work with both startups and mid stage companies, building the next great connected product companies. Given our extensive expertise in the field, we take a great interest in connected solutions in the area of urban mobility. Besides a regular agency model, we apply this same expertise to groundbreaking products and teams in exchange for either shared revenue or equity. Springtime Labs is a DO tank: full-range design services and prototyping.


If you believe Springtime can help to drive your business: please contact us. We love to think with you about your innovation needs. After all: design is our game, and we love to play!


KNSM-laan 131
1019 LB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 20 5091818

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